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Swivel Coupler Excavator -- Power and Maneuverability


A swivel coupler excavator solves the problem of a single bucket excavator for those difficult jobs that require digging under small water pipes without rupturing them or around posts. With a swivel coupler excavator, buckets can rotate up to three hundred and sixty degrees, with up to forty degrees of tilting as it loads and empties. This flexible ability allows a swivel coupler excavator to maneuver in exceedingly small work areas and carry out jobs that would normally require specific excavating equipment or many specialty machines. By allowing the excavator to take on multiple roles, it is possible to save a great deal of money that would otherwise have to be spent on expensive specialized devices and machinery. This makes the swivel coupler excavator ideal for smaller companies who must perform a variety of jobs but do not have the capital to purchase a wide range of machines.


A swivel coupler excavator saves time on the task work and greatly reduces the money spent on man power, since the swivel coupler excavator uses only one person to operate the machine and the awkward boom end tool changes that normally require the assistance of two or more persons.

A swivel coupler excavator is a great tool for those who excavation needs are a bit more subtle than sampling scooping and hauling. A swivel coupler excavator combines precision with power to enable the ultimate in excavation efficiency. While the swivel coupler excavator is not ideal for all situations, for those jobs who require a high level of control and accuracy, there is simply nothing that can do the job more efficiently.

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